Work with Artep Italia 

This page is dedicated to those who are interested in working with Artep and mainly offers tips and ideas.

As you know, time is a very valuable asset that can be saved through the proper selection of equipment, for example, a correct approach to the project and in the end, proper communication.


This small 8 step tutorial is designed to condense decades of Artep Italia experience into the manufacturing of custom rugs.

Almost all of the steps can prevent the loss of valuable time and lead to an efficient collaboration.


For any concerns or questions, the Artep Staff remains at your disposal, the address is listed at "contact us". 



Starting a job with the right tools saves time and has a concrete return in terms of the quality of the entire design process. For the reasons mentioned, Artep recommends that you use devices that work with low-medium lighting,

providing images at least 2453 x 3262 pixels, 300dpi (digital / SLR with 8 Mpx). 


Perfect starting points


Working in a virtual environment for the preparation of rendering, overhead lighting at the time of depiction is of paramount importance.

Each light and each shade will later be processed to give credibility to the image, but the indiscriminate use of a Flash or lights present on site are factors that can prolong the development or even make it impossible.

Here is a practical scheme that can be used under different conditions, how to handle the impromptu "photo shoot." 





To be able to fully enjoy the virtual settings created by Artep Italia management, it is necessary that the photo framing encompasses not only the area that will accommodate the rug, but the whole context.

The more you are able to convey the taste and style of the place, the easier it will be to create a project thought for each individual client. The shot should be able to incorporate the future carpet better while not forgetting to include the context in the frame. 


The best view

The communication of color is often an obstacle for long-distance collaboration, which is why Artep offers three different solutions in order to ensure the best performance possible:


  1.  In the first method, the customer agrees to send physical samples via courier so that the staff can find the right combinations.

  2.  In the second method, the client uses the Mazzetta Pantone Fashion + Home, available on the online store of the manufacturer.

  3.  In the third and final method, the client uses the Artep Italia sample, a practical leather suitcase with more than 1,200 wool samples. This solution is particularly recommended for the Study of Architecture, Interiors and Furniture Stores. 



Colors Communication
A sketch is better than a thousand words

You can be an excellent speaker but sometimes a quick sketch is enough to understand what the best possible product could be in relation to the surrounding environment.

The Artep studio accepts CAD files, Ai, Psd, and all sizes of ordinary file diffusion. In the sketch, as in the diagrams it is important in addition to indicating the size of the rug, to also represent the positioning of the product in respect to the furniture, in order to better manage the placement of materials more or less subject to wear due to passage, drawings, friezes or special finishes. 


Looking for the perfect style

In years of experience in close contact with our customers, we have learned how important personal style is.

Graphic proposals can take endless variations, but if you know the ropes to touch, everything becomes consistent, which results in efficiency and satisfaction of the customer. Through on-site shots and web search, the Staff recommends that you provide as many stylistic references as possible, in order to create the right product for the right environment. 


Data Transmission

The direct and efficient transmission of large files is easily done with a ftp server or by simply sending storage devices such as CDs and USB drives. Studio Artep uses data transfer web platforms such as Dropbox and WeTransfer, available in the free version and the professional version for a fee. With the ability to transfer up to 2 Gb of material at a time, even the "free" version is suitable for all Artep employees.

Efficiency at no cost. 


 Incredible Results

Once the processing and design phase have terminated, the Artep client will be provided with the rendering and textile projects specifically designed for that customer. Staff Artep is also available as a consultant in the latter phase. Once you have selected the final design, the rug will be delivered in 3-4 months if produced entirely by hand, 2-3 months if produced with hand-tufting technique. The production included in the presentation consists of several graphic designs and virtual simulation for each of these.


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