For over 30 years, Il Mercante d’Oriente, with the Artep Italia brand, has been the ideal associate for contract companies, supply companies and interior design studios, supplying and manufacturing individual carpets or dedicated lines.  Carpet projects of unlimited size, colors, designs and shapes are achieved. Different materials are used and are all worked by hand using different techniques.


 Interacting with individual commissions, graphic proposals are processed based on the rendering. After selecting the projects, in relation to the needs of styling and budget of the client, the carpets are then hand-woven with the technique of knotting or hand tufted.


 The Contract division offers creativity, attention to detail and design and helps the customer through the whole process, from design to production.


 In the hotel sector, sometimes a carpet, in addition to the aesthetic appeal must possess specific structural characteristics such as: water resistance, durability and even the more demanding, non-allergenic materials and insulation. To give a precise answer to the growing needs of architects, companies and individuals we have an entire department dedicated to detailed carpets. Products that combine art to research: a large selection of rugs and carpets bordered with leather, metal, rubber and paper ... in addition to the more traditional wool, cotton, linen and silk. A new way to interpret the carpet over large areas: small budget, great result. 


Wherever you are


Artep furnishes the environments in which you live, wherever they are. From England to Russia, over the years, Artep Staff has brought from its consulting services, design and implementation of a cosmopolitan and international clientele. Whether private homes, workplaces or reception areas, the quality of the proposal does not change, and nether does the constant service assistance, wherever the destination may be.





























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