Each individual is, by definition, unique, as well as the space they live in. Artep Italia offers three main categories where customers can find their own style, while maintaining the highest quality standards possible. 



Selection of modern and innovative style textiles, thus showing the continuous research of the Ufficio Stile Artep Italia. Through collaborations with young and established designers our intention is to continuously renew the world of contemporary rugs. 



An innovative collection of Neo Baroque style carpets, reinterpreted with current ideas to create a classic yet contemporary style. Precious materials and exquisite designs make these textile creations the ultimate expression of Haute Couture; a mix of eastern textile craftsmanship and refined Italian creativity. 



A collection of unique specimens, hand chosen "piece by piece" by the refined aesthetic sensibility of Tiziano Meglioranzi, one of the leading experts on carpets internationally. This is a valuable selection of antique, vintage, Eastern and Western rugs. A large collection of bigger carpets is available upon requests. 

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